Property Point L.L.C. is a privately held real estate house with a head office strategically located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Established in 2014, the company is young, energetic and well positioned to lead in the real estate market in the UAE. The main partner of Properly Point is a successful UAE national businessman with a strong track record of investments in different fields. The company also has a specialized international partner, in addition to a unique management team who has top class qualifications and market experiences. We have also hired some of the best real estate agents in the local market with a solid plan to grow them as the company grows as per a well-defined business plan..

Strategy & Vision


Our vision is to serve two types of customers, with the highest levels of quality and commitment. We help working class families to achieve financial freedom by working with them closely to find the best real estate solution that meets their requirements while providing them with an expert advice on how to finance the properly, maintain it and enjoy making it a new home.

The other type of customers we engage with is local, regional and world-wide investors looking for the right opportunity to take advantage of the attractive real estate market. We strive to achieve the status of the trusted advisor of real estate investors by providing them with strategic real estate opportunities as well as an insight into the local market and how it is expected to perfume on both short and long terms.


The mission of Property Point is to be the most successful real estate company in Abu Dhabi. Property Point Real Estate deploys the latest techniques in listing and marketing of houses, residential complexes/towers, and land. Property Point Real Estate maintains a dedicated team of well-trained real estate market professionals who continuously strive to deliver quality service for their individual clients as well as business customers.

roperty Point Real Estate is a creative, committed and people-centred organization that provides its employees with satisfaction, opportunities and career growth.


The following values guide and govern all processes and activities performed by the company:


  • Specializes in Sales Leasing and Brokerage
  • Integrity, with all customers and business partners, all the time.
  • we enjoy interacting and supporting our customers.



we enjoy interacting and supporting our customers.

Business goals & objectives

The company's objective is to become a leader in the real estate market in Abu Dhabi, while achieving healthy levels of profits for the owners and a high customer satisfaction for our clients.

Growth strategy

Our top priority is Abu Dhabi market. All our partners and team members live in Abu Dhabi and plan to take the business to a leading position in this market. With this in mind, the company also plans to expand and to have a strong presence in Dubai in the next 2-3 years when our market position is secured in Abu Dhabi. We also plan to take our business internationally through partnerships with global real estate companies to serve the expat community who usually work and live away from home and look for global real estate opportunities for investment purposes. The company has a business plan with specific milestones and timelines to grow the team to sustain healthy and organic growth.


Property Point takes pride in providing the following services, which are all officially listed in our commercial registration in Abu Dhabi:


  • Real Estate Pricing Services.
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Brokerage.
  • Services Management Oversight to the Real Estate.